Monday, April 9, 2012

How bad is the problem of insecure software, and can it be fixed? Ask the Expert - Jeremiah Grossman

Frank Kim and I are working on a series of posts where we ask experts on security and software development hard questions about the essential problems of building secure software. The first of these posts is an interview with Jeremiah Grossman, CTO of WhiteHat Security.

Jeremiah takes on some of the biggest and hardest questions: How big is the AppSec problem? The software community is made up of a lot of smart people. Why haven't we been able to solve the problem of writing secure software? And Is the problem solvable?

You can read the answers here.

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Willy Barnes said...

There are lots of hackers around us who anyhow finds a way to hack the application or software that are being secured. I think that hackers are getting more talented and we need to be more talented to provide secure applications.

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