Thursday, November 3, 2011

Real, useful security help for software developers

There's lots of advice on designing and building secure software. All you need to do is: Think like an attacker. Minimize the Attack Surface. Apply the principles of Least Privilege and Defense in Depth and Economy of Mechanism. Canonicalize and validate all input. Encode and escape output within the correct context. Use encryption properly. Manage sessions in a secure way....

But how are development teams actually supposed to do all of this? How do they know what's important, and what's not? What frameworks and libraries should they use? Where are code samples that they can review and follow? How can they test the software to see if they did everything correctly?

Read my latest post at the SANS Appsec Street Fighter blog for the best of the tools, cheat sheets and programming books that I've found to help development teams deal with the details of building secure software.

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